Message from the Program Director

The LMP Undergraduate Summer Student Research Program is a summer internship for students who are passionate about research and discovery in fundamental biomedical sciences. Program participants are provided with unique opportunities for self-discovery and exposure to cutting-edge research.

LMP is uniquely equipped for such an endeavour due to the vast extent of our intellectual resources comprising over 350 faculty members and being located in the centre of Toronto’s Discovery District. With vast intellectual resources, including the world’s largest concentration of scientists and MaRS, one of the world's largest urban innovation hubs, the Discovery District is home to over 13,000 researchers working in a small - 2½ km2 - downtown area. Importantly, for students interested in the science of medicine, the LMP also benefits from the many affiliations the University has with cutting edge health research institutes and associated leading health care facilities such as “teaching” hospitals located both within and outside this distinctive research cluster.

This unique combination of sociogeographical factors permits the LMP program to afford placement of student interns in the world's top-ranking research laboratories where they have one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain practical experience with the means and tools of biomedical research as well as the highs and lows of conducting original research. Our program introduces undergraduate student to the wide range of potential research and career path opportunities in the LMP field through a series of personalized lectures by leading Canadian scientists. The LMP Undergraduate Summer Student Research program requires full-time commitment. There are no vacations during the program. Students will also have the opportunity to broaden their summer experience by participating in the LMP405 project course. Through the LMP program, we strive to help our students establish their professional priorities, develop their scientific sensibilities, hone their research skills and build their professional networks within the scientific community.

Our program has gained nationwide recognition from students and investigators as one of the most successful research programs due to the incomparable resources available to students in the LMP’s laboratories, the location of the program within the Discovery District and exposure to world renowned researchers and research facilities. Collectively, we are passionate teachers with a mission to create life-changing, transformative opportunities for passionate students interested in taking them.

Michal Opas, Director of the LMP Undergraduate Summer Student Research Program